Portfolio Companies
TBT (Private) Limited (2B Technologies): helping you make customers for life

2B Technologies is a leading and well-established name in the corporate market as a complete solution provider of call centers, call recording solution and computer telephony applications. Being the first VC funded organization in Pakistan, it is acclaimed for its customer-centric vision that focuses on fostering lasting relationships and delivering real value to its clients.

Our competitive edge in the market put us in a dominant position. After installing the most number of call center setups since our advent, we became the market leaders after procuring a 40% market share in the local market. Our success story entails further with us being the only dialogic platinum partner in the region. Moreover, our continuous research and development provide us the portal to explore Telecommunication and its applications in grave details. Hence, our software is subjected to versioning that keep our Telecom applications up to date. Currently, we our pitching the third version of our software and a thorough R&D is being conducted on the fourth version.

2B Technologies focuses on the converged communications market, especially the call center industry. We have a complete call center suite by the name of Interact which includes software applications to handle both inbound and outbound (including telemarketing and helpdesk) calls. There are over 20 installation sites of our solution, including the first call center in Bangladesh and 16T1’s running simultaneously at an installation in the US. This has been a great achievement for 2B Technologies as it is the biggest offshore installation by any local company of Pakistan Recently; we had won the P@SHA ICT Award for “The Best of Communication Applications”.

For further information please visit our website www.2bt.com.pk

yEvolve (Private) Limited

The solutions at yEvolve are designed to evolve with the trends in technology. As the age of mobility is enfolding around us, yEvolve’s focus is on the deployment of mobile CRM solutions for the mobile worker.

Since our inception in 1999, we have already made our mark by enabling the mobile workforce – from the salesman to the executive – at top blue chip companies such as Pakistan Tobacco Company (subsidiary of British American Tobacco) and Unilever Pakistan.

Using our expertise across the Palm OS®, Pocket PC®, and SMS (GSM/GPRS) platforms, we know how to turn the concept of mobility from vision into reality.

For further information please visit our website www.yevolve.com

ApplicationXS (Private) Limited

AppXS specializes in Online Trading systems, Brokerage & Settlement systems and Fund Management systems with a range of components that are modular in design, parameter driven, totally secure, user friendly & menu driven.

We believe that the most essential and critical component of our strategy is having a strong team with the experience and skill essential to successfully execute the plan. The founders, directors and partners of AppXS have significant entrepreneurial and management experience in the IT service, banking, financial, trading and brokerage markets and form the core leadership. They possess multi-disciplinary experiences and are regarded as foremost authorities in there areas of expertise.

AppXS focuses on engineering a best of breed e-business software development and consulting organization to cater to the dynamic IT solution marketplace. It is committed to influence existing technology capabilities and broaden its abilities into the future.

For further information please visit our website www.appxs.net


Post Amazers (Private) Limited

Post Amazers was formed in 2002 in an effort to create a group of artists, technicians and designers who posses potential to tap into the post production and animation industry, locally and internationally. The first of its kind in Pakistan, It is known for giving innovative and effective results to clients. It has provided a wide range of post production, 3D animation, art direction, broadcast design, special effects, sound design and other related services to the local and international market.

For further information please visit our website www.postamazers.com


Pro-Vision Limited/Voxel Communications (Private) Limited

Voxel Communications (Pvt.) Ltd. was founded in the third quarter of year 2003 by two young software engineers; Saeed Qadri and Danish Asghar with call center set-up and operations business experience. Their aim was to ride the call center outsourcing wave from the North American market.

Voxel Communications in its quest for quality management has acquired and adopted the relevant standards of ISO 9001: 2000 ; and became the first Pakistani call center to achieve the standard.

Besides signing up with multiple foreign clients Voxel Communications Pvt. Ltd has also secured a couple of large local clients; PTCL WLL and CDA (Capital Development Authority); and more are to follow.

Voxel Communications is located in a state-of-the-art, 18000 sq. ft. facility in Islamabad with a capacity of 400 seats. The new facility caters the latest workplace requirements and ergonomic design. It contains four operations floors, technology setup and added facilities such as training area, multimedia room, gym, day care, cafe and a mosque.

For further information please visit our website www.voxelnet.com

AKN Messaging Technologies (Private) Limited

AKN Messaging Technologies is one of Asia’s largest and premier Mobile Value Added Services (VAS) provider. AKNMTECH specializes in innovation, development, promotion and marketing of mobile based content as well as exciting entertainment & business services/applications. AKNMTECH having operations in over 8 countries including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Singapore, Bangladesh and Pakistan has access to over 350 million mobile subscribers with connectivity to over 75 mobile operators in the region.

AKN aims to capitalize on the exploding mobile market in Pakistan by providing different kinds of content people wish to download on their mobiles, e.g. ring tones, picture messages, animations, java games, etc. AKN has signed up exclusive agreements for mobile with local music labels that effectively control 85% of all music content produced in Pakistan. With the launch of Telenor’s mobile service in Pakistan in March 2005 AKN MTech has started revenue generation within the first 12 months of investment.

For further information Please visit our website www.aknmtech.com.pk